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Since you are visiting this website, it seems that you are planning to travel to Isfahan most probably…


A Qajar Building

The building of the Keryas Hotel is a jewel of the architecture survived from Qajar era with nearly two centuries of history.



Best Location

Hotel Keryas is neighbor with Naqsh-e Jahan Square and it is also situated exactly at the foot of the turquoise dome of the Shah mosque



Keryas Rooms  have attractive space and views …

Welcome to Isfahan

Among the cities of Iran, Isfahan is like a piece of jewelry that despite the historical fluctuations in the area has still retained its luster and glory throughout the centuries. The city is so vibrant that it seems as if it has been born today and yet it is so original that it looks as though it has always existed. The city’s rich culture and beautiful nature are in such perfect harmony that one seems to be a reflection of the other. Isfahan is an ultimate expression of the Iranian-Islamic Culture.

Isfahan is located in the central Iran inside the plains stretching along Zayandeh Rood River. The city is located in a relatively mountainous area in the center of the Iranian Plateau and stretches from the snowy Zagros Mountains in the West to the East and North-central deserts of Iran.

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